County Coalitions

 Community Coalitions provide the opportunity and structure for allied groups to pursue coordinated strategies to educate and increase public awareness that suicide is a public health problem. Coalitions are committed to reducing stigma, which helps increase people's ability to seek help and ultimately prevent the loss of life.

Suicide Prevention CoalitionsWhy support and promote suicide prevention coalitions?

  • Coalitions provide a structure for allied groups to pursue a unified goal, coordinate strategies, and pool resources.
  • Broad based coalitions demonstrate wide support for particular policies or programs, as well as offering a wide network of resources and support for suicide prevention.
  • Coalitions can serve the purpose of educating, reducing stigma and raising awareness of the general public about suicide.
  • Coalitions are invaluable because they bring people and resources together from all sectors of the community and provide visible signs of community support.
  • Working in a group helps increase the quality as well as the quantity of work, and prevents burnout by spreading responsibilities.
  • Coalitions allow individuals and groups to contribute their unique expertise, as well as to educate and mobilize their particular constituents.
  • Coalitions can help identify genuine concerns and engage in group problem-solving.

The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation's and ODMH's support and promotion of suicide prevention coalitions is deeply rooted in the belief that the number of Ohioans dying from suicide is largely preventable through implementation of the AIM strategies. These strategies can be planned and accomplished through local partnerships that work to strengthen local communities.

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