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The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation was created by the Ohio Department of Mental Health in partnership with the Suicide Prevention Team. Its mission is to promote suicide prevention as a public health issue and to advance evidence based awareness, intervention and methodology strategies that will support priority populations and healthy communities.

OSPF is in search of Board Members who are professionals and community leaders with a substantial interest in the prevention of suicide, and who will geographically, culturally and ethnically represent the State of Ohio. They will represent the stakeholders of suicide prevention such as survivors of suicide, local suicide prevention coalitions, public health professionals, educators, mental health and substance abuse professional, and/or bring competencies to the Board that assist the organization in the pursuit of its purposes, mission and vision.

We are seeking up to 6 additional Board Members from all parts of Ohio. Competencies the Board requires include, but are not limited to, business, organizational and financial management, development, marketing, public relations, , and fundraising event and conference planning. Our current Board Members are from the public sector, the business, legal and medical communities and the field of behavioral health. This is a volunteer only board for a nonprofit foundation.

Please forward this letter and application directly to any person that you know that may be interested or contact OSPF with any questions or to suggest possible Board Members.

Applications can be obtained by clicking the link below.   Applications will be accepted until 03/01/17.

Download the text of this page (.pdf Format)

Download the OSPF Board Application (.docx Format)

Mail/Deilver or Email to:

Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation
2323 West Fifth Ave - Suite 160

Thank you in advance for your assistance.




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